About The Author

The Past

Eric began reading fantasy novels from an early age, and fell in love with the genre after discovering J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit (still his favourite book of all time!) By his 10th birthday, Eric had written a short story of his own, complete with drawings of all the characters and maps. He hasn't set down his pen (or crayons) since!

The Present

Eric now lives in Canada's magnificent National Capital Region with his wife and two kids. He has enjoyed a career with Canada's public service and continues to write on a regular basis, whether it be for his job or just for fun.

His latest work is a fantasy novel geared toward a YA/MG audience that he has tentatively titled The Guardian, which is currently being edited.

The Future

Eric sees himself as a full-time writer with a focus on completing The Guardian, which he envisions as a trilogy.

Stay tuned for more exciting news!

About the Book

The Guardian

Eric's first novel, tentatively titled The Guardian, follows siblings William and Eleanor Morgan as they face off against an ancient evil that will not only challenge their way of life in the quiet town of Northbrook, but also put the entire world in danger. 

Who will enjoy this story?

Everyone!  While the book is geared toward older children, middle-grade readers and even young adults, there is an enchanting quality to the story that folks of all ages will enjoy!


This exciting new book is currently going through the final stages of editing. Next comes the difficult process of finding and hiring a literary agent, then onward to publishing! Stay tuned for more news!

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